The story of how the book, Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring, was published.


The Tale of the Ring

Claddagh ring story graphic

About us

The book, Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring, was conceived by Rob Smyth. A native of Galway, Rob was familiar with the legend but wanted to know more about the background to the story and more about what life would have been like in Galway at the time.

How the book was produced

Rob approached Philip Fried at Claddagh Jewellers with a sponsorship proposal and Philip was delighted to get involved.

Introduced to Rob by a mutual friend, Patricia McAdoo wrote the story based on Rob's outline and helped by her own research.

James Newell, a talented Galway artist, developed the wonderful illustrations. Starting with pencil sketches, James took each illustration through successive phases – sketch, line drawing, colouring – to completion on computer.

Claddagh book team

Claddagh: The Tale of the Ring was officially launched by the Mayor of Galway City, Brian Walsh (centre) in November 2005. Pictured at the launch are, from left, James Newell (Illustrator); Rob Smyth (publisher); Mayor Walsh; Patricia McAdoo (author); and Philip Fried (Claddagh Jewellers).

Page design and layout was completed by Rob (on an Apple Macintosh computer – he wouldn't use anything else!).

Scanning and printing were done locally, so we are particularly proud that the book is a Galway production through and through.

The book is published by Galway Online (Rob is the founder of in association with Claddagh Jewellers.

We hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed producing it. If you would like to get in touch with us, please use the Contact page.